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Permaculture works with nature to make a better world for all

Permaculture is a nature based set of tools to help us live better, more effective, and more connected lives. Plan better, live better.

​At Grow South we care about how we can garden, live, work and parent. We choose ethical and more sustainable practices through using nature based principles.

By observing the natural world we can see a set of principles at work.  Permaculture design uses these principles. We can develop integrated sustainable systems that provide for our needs of food, shelter, energy and community.

Absolutely loved this course. Very inspiring and fun too!  The solutions exist!  We need to learn to observe again and be part of nature.  Coming out of this with a big smile on my face! Dorit
Liz is a fantastic teacher. Highly knowledgeable in all things permaculture, and has put together such a well thought through 2 day course. It’s a must- book now! Steph
Liz has been a great source of information, her enthusiasm and positive reaffirming style made me feel very welcome and confident to share ideas and thoughts. Stephen