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Below are a range of courses that we offer to help you to work with nature and make a better world for all.

One Day Introduction to Permaculture

Using a vibrant combination of theory and practice, our weekend foundation course will introduce you to:

  • observation techniques
  • natural systems and patterns
  • ethics and principles and design tools

You will leave having designed a permaculture space, putting into practice everything you have learned.  Additionally you will have the grounding to be able to progress onto the full permaculture design course.

Course Location: North Somerset

Course Dates 2024: Saturday 3rd February, Friday 19th April, more dates coming soon

Positive Permaculture Parenting – Online

Positive Parenting solutions using permaculture design for happier, healthier families.

​In this course we will explore how nature based, sustainable, permaculture principles can inform our parenting to create happier, healthier families.

Permaculture principles come from the observation of natural systems which can help us interact with different aspects in our lives to promote well-being. In many ways, families have the same characteristics as any natural system, therefore we can always benefit from looking at them with a pair of permaculture ‘glasses.’

​Course Location: Online

Course Dates: Tuesday 23 January 10am – 1pm GMT, more dates coming soon

Permaculture Design consultancy

Bespoke 1:1 or group co-design service

​Using the principles and values of permaculture Liz can advise on new, fresh ways to make your space, or life, more effective, sustainable and connected. 

​She can advise on how to get the very best out of your garden, allotment, community garden, local group, and parenting approach.

​​Liz can work with you 1:1 or lead a bespoke group to suit your situation.

Consultation Location: Your location, North Somerset & Bristol or online